Case Studies

A few success stories we’re proud of

$1 Million+ in First Year

“To be able to get a 4.5X ROAS, that’s been fantastic!”

—  Bubba Page, Founder

$0 to First $1 Million Month in First Year

“Matix is very hands on and helped us dial in our campaigns to have a great return on our investment.”

— Eric Child, CEO

$2 Million+ in First Year

“Now, we're able to quit our day jobs and do this full time.”

—  Sean Kelly & Pat Parizo, Co-Founders

443% Increase in Revenue

“Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen. We wanted a partner motivated by increasing sales– not just a retainer.”

— Daniel Rubertone, COO

5x Increase in ROAS

“Matix makes money when we make money. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?”

— Mac Smith, President

$5k to $30k+ of Monthly Revenue in Four Months

“Through their ads, we have been able to get into 90 retail locations –including Whole Foods!”

— Mason Silvia, CEO

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