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Our Story

Matix Labs--though it sounds made up--was actually named after a young rooster that lived on a busy street outside of the first Matix office. And believe it or not, our founder and CEO never really intended to start an agency!  

He first developed an obsession with e-commerce marketing around 2006. So he studied it in all his spare time away from his day job. Eventually, while burning the midnight oil, he started his first e-commerce business on the side in 2008; a company he still owns and operates to this day.

After seeing tremendous success running Google and Facebook Ads for his own brands, he was approached by a small startup company to help run their ads. He helped that company grow from under $1M/year in revenue to nearly $20M/year in 3 years. Word spread of their marketing successes and eventually-through that first client--Matix was founded in Salt Lake City in 2016.

One by one, we’ve carefully cultivated a group of highly talented, creative and hard-working professionals who love what they do. Thanks to our incredible team, and through continual referrals from our happy clients, we've grown into a full-funnel marketing agency specializing in e-commerce brands. We pride ourselves as a small, young and scrappy group of data geeks, outdoor lovers and creative misfits whose current hobby is to run their clients right out of stock.

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Salt Lake City HQ

336 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Our Talented Team

Aaron Novak

Founder & CEO

David Waugh

Vice President

Matt Mangelson

VP of Business Development

Mike Amezcua

Creative Director

Dallas Stevens

Director of Paid Search

Will Day

Account Manager

Jason Condie

Account Manager

Jono Strong

Account Manager

Tyler Jones

Account Manager

Caden Nelson

Account Executive

Craig Broderick

Account Manager

Skyler Hunter

Content Creator

Tyler Galloway

Producer & Graphic Artist

Rachel Webster


Leo Wilson

Studio Assistant & Editor

Michael Gersemehl

Video Editor